Top 2018 Cars Costing Under $20,000

The Hyundai Elantra 2018 model starting price is from around $16,999. But some dealers are currently advertising the price of Elantra as below $15,000. This model of vehicle has recently been redesigned and perfectly equipped. In addition, Elantra is a really perfect model for driving.

Top 2018 Cars Costing Under $20,000


The Nissan Versa is one of the cheapest cars available. With a starting sale price of around $14,000, this 2018 car model offers enormous fuel economy and a big comfortable back seat.



The Kia Rio 2018 car model is preferred more than the Nissan Versa. The price of this car starts from $12,110. It offers style, choice of body style and ample feature content.


Toyota Yaris iA 2018 model has been manufactured by Mazda. It comes when fully loaded with keyless button start, forward collision warning, alloy wheels and a rear-view camera. This car costs approximately $15,000 and superior driving is available, as this vehicle is a product of Mazda.



Chevrolet Trax, being the only SUV on this list costs around $21,000. It has been included on this under $20,000 list because the cheapest SUV is Trax, and Chevrolet usually offer incentives that can reduce the cost of the vehicle to $15,000.



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