Online Dating Fatigue? 4 Ways To Meet People The Old Fashion Way

1. Blind Dates

I know what you are thinking. This can be kind of sketchyAsk a friend to introduce you to new people. If it does not work out. Your new friend can introduce you to other people as well.

2. Attend Various Events.

Attend various events of your interests. I would prefer going alone without any friends, you will be more approachable. By attending events, you are more incline to meet people of the same interests and you make have a lot in common. It is definitely an ice breaker at the least.

3. New Places

Out with the old spots you continue to frequent. Try out that new Jazz spot, perhaps a new restaurant or singles lounge. If you keep going to the same places you will keep meeting the same people. New places will breed new people and new experiences.

4. Trivia Nights/ Social Clubs

Try joining a social club or meetup groups. They often host trivia nights, speed dating, bowling contests and other various events for single to attend.


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