How The Coronavirus Is Affecting The Black Community?

How The Coronavirus Is Affecting The Black Community?

With every next day, the fear of Coronavirus is haunting people all over the globe. With the outbreak of this new virus causing COVIF-19 is threatening the United States of America in several ways. While it has affected more than eight thousand and three hundred Americans in fifty states since January; there are unknown positive results residing in different corners of the country too.How The Coronavirus Is Affecting The Black Community?

Along with the Washington DC, three more territories have maximum positive cases for the Coronavirus. Among all the people in USA, the black community is at a higher risk of getting infected due to lack of test.

The racial wealth gap between the white Americans and black Americans can be deadly for millions of people. The eCommerce industry may play their role positively and provide benefits like free delivery of medicines, subscription-free news updates, isolation-period Netflix access, and the best coupon codes wherever possible. Still, the shortage of Coronavirus tests is engulfing the underserved communities.

Racial wealth gap and COVID-19

The Coronavirus outbreak has a haunting reality of unknown results. It is because the racial gap between the communities in America has restricted and scared the black community to step out of their houses. People are fearful of visiting to any medical centers and hospitals for getting the COVID-19 tests.

One of the most dreadful ways Coronavirus is affecting the black community revolves around the loss of income. According to The Community Voice, more than 40% of the population in the USA suffers from the lack of a single paid sick leave. Among these, 80% are low wage daily workers and the people of color.

It is clear how the black groups can undergo adverse conditions after comparing from a report by the Women’s Policy Research. According to the paper, a similar situation was analyzed during the pandemic of 2009. The Swine Flu outbreak extended with more seven million additional infections in the USA.

Unfortunately, it happened because three in every ten workers were unable to take leave from their offices due to the fear of unemployment and loss of income. Currently facing the Coronavirus outbreak, these people will not get family medical facilities and sick leaves to recover from the COVID-19.

Steps against the COVID-19 by Virginia

The black community is fearful of receiving any free Coronavirus tests and further treatment. People who keep facing racial gap regularly are afraid that hospitals will saddle them in an impossible to pay debt for the lifetime.

With all this, the doctors in Virginia are connecting to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and WHO. Their wish to know if the black community is facing trouble and being left out due to the shortage of COVID-19 tests.

According to BuzzFeed News, an associate professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine namely Dr. Ebony Hilton at the University of Virginia told, “I want to make sure that in this pandemic, black and brown people are treated in the same way and that these tests are made available in the same pattern as for white people.”

Wealth affect on black community during COVID-19

The Coronavirus outbreak is a pandemic like the previous ones. America has witnessed the outbreak of Influenza, Swine Flu, Cholera, and other ones in history. During a pandemic condition or any other emergency situation, people most likely use their wealth for protection.

Unfortunately, the black community is not able to respond in a similar way. In the USA, wealth is all about an unjust distribution between both the races. White families America are ten times wealthier as compared to the black families in the country.

For this reason, Coronavirus is affecting the underserved community more. These people cannot survive days without income which makes them more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, these families have fewer resources that bound them to fight against emergencies.

These effects on the black community are not just a result of low wealth. It is the overall outcome of the racism and harmful actions the race has been facing since the previous four decades. While precautionary measures like ‘social distancing’ are being followed, black community faces a worsen type of distancing like discrimination and devaluation.

Final thoughts

The pandemic as a result has clearly highlighted the list of harms and losses the black community and Native Americans can face. Currently, it is essential to take measures that can guarantee the protection of low wealth families. Majorly, the people who are most likely about to face adverse impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak include the nonwhite families!


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