Best Cell Phone Plans For College Students 2018

Best Cell Phone Plans For College Students 2018

If you are a highschool or college student, cell phones are a necessity in 2018. For college students, the free ride on their parent’s family plan has come to an end, (hooray!) Most college students do not have a clue on how to find the best deals on cell phone plans with unlmited options.

Searching for the best cell phone plans can be confusing, especially when it comes to trying to save a few pennies here and there. A first time college student may find it hard to choose the best cell phone plane.

We have researched the top three cell phones plans that will benefit highschool and college students.

Factors: Rating cell phone plans for students

  • Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data (or as close to unlimited data as possible)
  • Monthly Charges and Pricing
  • Phone Prices
  • Coverage Options

We have selected the options above, based on the average college student uses upwards of 5GB of data per month.

Verizon Beyond Ulimited

  • $50 per month for unlimited talk and text
  • 22GB of LTE 4G data
  • 15 GB of LTE 4G hotspot data usage


Republic Wireless

  • Plans starting at $15 per month for unlimited talk and text
  • Add high speed 4G for just $5 per month
  • Great selection of Android devices
  • Unlimited talk & text for $15 per month
  • Phones for every budget starting as low as $99
  • No contract
  • No overages fees


  • Free monthly cell phone service
  • Very limited text, talk, and data usage
  • There are activation fees

Please make sure that you’re contacting each company and looking for cell phone discounts for college students.​


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