Belize News: Is Belize News More Informative Than American News

Belize News: Is Belize News More Informative Than American News







News 7 Belize

It was early evening, and our 3rd day living abroad in San Ignacio. Tami started dinner and I grabbed the remote and decided to watch television. After two minutes of browsing through mostly reruns of old TV shows, I stumbled upon Belize Channel 7 news. Although it seems different and kind of low budget, I decided to tune in.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. The news programs here in Belize is very different from the states. Compared to news channels in the states, the news in Belize may seem rather boring, depending on who you ask.

From my experiences, every city or state that I’ve resided, the national and local news networks focus is doom, gloom and negativity for ratings. Constantly bickering national politics from the major news networks and also constant crime stories on the local news.

Doom and gloom news has it’s place as well, although it seems that 90% of the local news program consist of bad news and crime stories. They rarely focus on good positive news stories, except during the Holiday season. Hopefully one day they will learn to focus on positive stories throughout the calendar year, but I have my doubts.

On the other hand, after watching News 7 Belize, News 5 Belize, Plus News and Caribbean News, I noticed the differences in the news stories from the states. First notice: The news anchors were all black and brown people on the national news every evening. That really stood out to me. Of course in the states we have black and brown anchors, but it is not consistent and meniscal compared to Caucasians.







News 5 Belize

I was really impressed with the news here in Belize. Although there is crime here similar to other places in the world, 5% is focused on negativity and crime stories. Most of the hour programming is focused on infrastructure, natural resources, preservation, education, medical and healthcare, student honorees, agriculture and technology.

Now this is worth while purposeful news! As a newly expat, I really appreciate the informative news that is presented here in Belize. As I stated earlier, negative politics and crime is important as well, but it should not consume the entire news program every day all day.







Plus News

Hopefully we in the states can learn from the news organizations here in Belize. Focusing on more purposeful, informative and resourceful content for the betterment of all citizens instead of chasing ratings for advertisers.







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