6 Things Black Men Can Do To Grow a Better Beard in 2019

It is essential to care for your skin that is under your beard. Taking care of your skin will lead to the best beard for black men. Much should be done to facilitate healthy skin. When your skin is healthy, this will properly help the growth of your beard. You will also need to practice discipline and dedication. It will be of great merit if any man employs the daily routine for caring for his skin. You should constantly keep your skin smooth and healthy. In this regard, let’s put the following things in mind to help you grow a great beard.

1. Do daily moisturizing of the skin

Facial hair can always steal moisture from one’s skin, thus leaving the skin very dry. If you fail to do the moisturizing on a daily basis, there could be difficulties. Most of the time your skin will be dry. This will give you a lot of issues. You should use either the beard oil or rather the beard moisturizers to help you keep your beard healthy.

2. Ensure that you are able to exfoliate the skin

A couple of options is to have the facial wash or rather the scrub done to your skin. This helps to rinse away the dead skin. When this is done, your skin should be clean and very smooth. If you have the capacity to manage this, then your beard should look really nice.

3. Make sure to shampoo your beard

You can use water to shampoo your beard the same way you shampoo your hair. Use the right amount and ensure that it is clean and quite manageable; this helps to keep your beard in good condition.

4. Consistently keep your beard clean

The skin under your beard will determine your success. You should keep your beard clean at all times. Grooming your skin is also an important process when growing a nice beard.

5. Struggling with itchy irritation

I hope you guys can put up a better challenge that I. Honestly it took me 3 or 4 chances to grow a gotee/beard. At first, I felt growing a beard was nearly impossible. I would let my facial hair grow and groom it as well, but the itchiness defeated me everytime, so once again I decided to cut my stubby facial hairs. Eventually I was able to grow a full gotee. If you give it a week or two, your foundation will get use to your growing facial hairs and the itch will subside. Make sure you are still cleaning your face regularly during the itchy stages.

6. Let your beard grow enough to develop a patterned shape

Try to be patient, I know the excitement I had when experiencing the early stages of growing my gotee/beard. Once my beard started to grow, I wanted to pull out the trimmers as soon as possible. I quickly noticed that my beard did not have enough body of hair to shape it. My advice is to let your beard grow for a month or s0 before you start to trim and groom it into a desired pattern.

Growing a beard was very hard for me. It took a long time, plus I was not properly educated and disciplined to grown a full gotee/beard. Hopefully the prior tips will get you  on the fast track to growing a nice full beard.

See Images below for ideas on beard shaping patterns.

6 Things Black Men Can Do To Grow a Better Beard in 2019






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