10 Best Type Of African Braids: How To Notice The Differences

Generally, when you weave your hair with braids, you will have a feminine and stunning appearance. Typically, braids offer a woman various type of hairstyle to choose. In weaving, it does not matter if your hair is long or short. Weaving your hair facilitates the growth of your hair, besides the elegant appearance. Braids and weaving have been in Africa for a long period. Below are some of the African braids:

1. Classic braid weave

10 Best Type Of African Braids: How To Notice The Differences

Weaving this type of braid will require more time. This is a popular braid style used by women. You will have to divide the braid manually into three strands.

2. Senegal braids

When you weave these braids, you will have to re- o your hair in approximately 4 months. On average, more than 600 different styles can be used to weave Senegalese braids.

3. Ghana Braids

These are more difficult to weave. You can use different types like zigzag or horizontal. The head also determines the patterns. Your hair will grow strong.

4. Thai types

A lot of care is needed since your hair can get dirty quickly. You might be required to re-do your hair in two months’ time. The look is more enticing. It is many women’s choice.

5. Zizi braids

These styles consist of ready-made pigtails, which are a 3mm diameter. Pigtails are later weaved to braids. Generally, they are comfortable on your head. You will require 4 months to re-do them. They are many people’s choice because they essay to uninstall and install.

6. Ponytail Braids

They take much of time when weaving. They are almost the same as the pigtails. It might take you 4 months to re-do them. Unlike the pigtail, they take time to install or uninstall. Ponytail braids will give you a perfect look.

7. Herringbone or fish braids.

These are small and thin braids. They are weaved by intertwining with other pieces of the hair. The name resembles a fish skeleton style on your head. Generally, you will have a good and neat look. IT might take you 3 months to re-do the braids. However, it takes more time to make the braids. Therefore, it is not easy to uninstall.

8. Different types of yarn braids

The braids originate from the yarn. While weaving, you can choose to make the yarn shorter or longer. Many women prefer it because you can stay with it for approximately 4 months. However, it takes more time to install and uninstall the braids. You have the option to choose the color that will suit you. It is advisable to keep off your hair from the water because it takes long before it dries.

9. Faux locks or silk loss

if you are a person who likes dreadlocks, then this is the style you should give a try. Generally, they are an extension of some braids that are joined to your real hair by braiding. The normally take less time to install and uninstall them. The look is perfect.

10. Tree braids or micro braids

They take a lot of time to weave. If you could be having a lot of time then you can consider having the braids. Additionally, they will also take much of your time when uninstalling them. They offer a person a neat and tidy look.


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